Thursday, 24 April 2014

Another visit from England!

Is it really over a year since I updated my blog? How time flies! Well, late on Friday night Barry went out in his car without me. I wasn't too happy about that! However, a couple of hours later, he returned with Steve and Gaynor! I was so excited. I wiggled and yelped and jumped and rolled over for cuddles! They'd flown over from England to see me again.
I had my friend Ollie staying with me so I introduced him to them.
We sat on the sofa with Gaynor.

They soon went to bed as they were tired from the long flight. However, the next morning I ran down to their room to wake them up and lick them!

We had a lovely long walk around the lake and I had a bit of a swim.

we,ve since been to several beaches and I've practised my ball catching skills!

we also saw the start of a lovely sunset.

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